The three-motor versions of the E-Tron SUV and Sportback are almost here. Electric car fires are less frequent than gasoline car fires, but there’s some nuance. And will there be a new battery plant in Illinois? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Samsung SDI is the primary battery supplier of cells for Rivian’s upcoming electric trucks—in the 2170 format that Tesla uses for its Model 3 and Model Y. And according to reports, the area around Rivian’s Normal, Illinois, assembly plant is one of the finalists for a U.S. battery plant

Audi has revealed the U.S.-spec versions of the three-motor 2022 E-Tron S models, in SUV and Sportback form. The lineup starts at $85,895, with a rated range expected at up to 212 miles. 

And fires in electric cars are less frequent than in gasoline vehicles. That’s the top-level reality that can’t be emphasized enough—although we need to understand the nuance of why EV fires do get covered more. It’s not just the “novelty,” as Tesla puts it.


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