Electrify America on Tuesday announced a new plan to more than double its charging infrastructure in the United States and Canada.

Dubbed the Boost Plan, it aims for more than 1,800 DC fast-charging stations, and a total of 10,000 individual connectors, by 2025, as well as increased use of higher-power 150-kilowatt and 350-kw fast-charging stations, an Electrify America press release said.

Electrify America previously said it would install about 800 charging stations (equaling about 3,500 individual connectors) by the end of 2021. It now plans to increase the total number of U.S. stations to more than 1,700 (with 9,500 individual connectors) by 2025.


Electrify America Boost Plan

Electrify America Boost Plan

The expansion will include more charging stations in regions where Electrify America is already established, but will also add Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Vermont, bringing coverage to 49 states and the District of Columbia, the company said. The plan also calls for a charging route through the upper Midwest.

The Canadian network, branded Electrify Canada, will add 68 charging stations by 2025, bringing the total number to 100, according to Electrify America. It also plans to expand from the current four provinces to nine, and establish a cross-country route from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Victoria, British Columbia.

This expansion is made possible through a greater investment from the Volkswagen Group beyond the $2 billion agreed upon in its diesel settlement, which led to the creation of Electrify America.

It's unclear if this additional investment is related to reports from last week suggesting VW was looking for additional investors for the charging network.

Electrify America charging stations at Love's Travel Stop

Electrify America charging stations at Love's Travel Stop

Electrify America's U.S. network has been making rapid progress, and just finished its first cross-country route about a year ago. Electrify Canada, got started a little later, in 2019.

Future road-trip waypoints might potentially follow the template first shown last year—with Love's Travel Stops—as the common alternative (the periphery of Walmart or other big-box store parking lots) isn't always easy for quick highway off-and-ons.

In its current second expansion cycle, Electrify America has also been putting the focus on adding some urban fast-charging as well.