Driving range is back at the top of the list in EV shopper priorities. Smartphone apps for EVs are lacking some key elements to ease the transition to fully electric. And will Tesla’s revenue from emissions credits disappear? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Range is now at the top of the list of priorities for EV shoppers, a new survey has found. Versus a similar one from the same firm in 2019, price and charging aren’t as high on the list today. 

Tesla could see a big chunk of its revenue from the sale emissions credits go away. Stellantis, the combined company resulting from the merger of FCA and the PSA Group, confirmed this week that it will no longer need to buy them for hundreds of millions of dollars per year. GM has bought them in the past, but in all likelihood the going price will be lower.

A study from J.D. Power criticizes EV smartphone apps from Tesla and VW, for different reasons. Tesla’s lacks route planning that you can carry into the vehicle. VW’s lacks some of the remote functions it gives to its ICE vehicle app. 

And over at Motor Authority: A baby Jeep EV might be built in Poland at a plant that’s currently home to the electric Fiat 500—which is itself a product for Europe only. 


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