In an election yet to be called, one of the Presidential candidates will be best for electric cars. Bentley has a bold plan for electrifying its lineup of performance and luxury cars this decade. And there’s a new way to make a classic Mini all-electric. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Even though a winner still hasn’t been declared in this week’s U.S. Presidential election, at least one CEO is already stating the obvious: That a Biden win will be preferable for the rollout of more mass-market electric vehicles.

A new electric conversion kit from British Swindon Powertrain includes what’s needed to turn a classic Mini into an EV. Although the kit might simplify the process, it sure isn’t cheap.

After an inconsistent message on what it plans to do with electrification, the luxury brand Bentley has a cohesive plan—to go all plug-in by 2026, and all-electric by 2030.

And over at Motor Authority, the sports-car builder Superformance has launched plans to make an electric replica of the classic Cobra—even though AC Cars, the British company behind the model that was the basis for the original Cobra, plans its own all-electric reboots of the Cobra concept.


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