Another charger design, being tested in the UK, stows neatly in the sidewalk when it’s not in use. Volvo is hiding its tailpipe exhaust tips, as it ramps up for a big push toward plug-in vehicles. And a solid-state battery company from Silicon Valley is going public. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

QuantumScape, the California battery firm that has for years been developing its solid-state battery technology—with backers including Volkswagen and Bill Gates—has announced a plan for going public

Electric-car chargers from Trojan Energy pop up from the sidewalk when needed, allowing Level 2 charging at up to 22 kw and potential bi-directional capability for future V2G. They’re being tested in the UK as part of a pilot program.

Beginning with the 2021 S90, V90, and V90 Cross Country, Volvo is hiding its exhaust tips behind a bumper-cover “mask.” Is it to help internal combustion vehicles fit in with an electric future, starting soon with the XC40 Recharge? And does it send a cleaner signal to customers? Yes and yes.

And over at Motor Authority: Alongside Porsche’s push to electrify, it’s currently looking for a partner for carbon-neutral synthetic fuels that would work in motorsports, with its high-performance engines.


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