Apple CarPlay will help the upcoming BMW i4 electric car find chargers along the way. Several South Korean industrial giants involved in making EVs are looking for bright-eyed startups. Nevada is thinking about signing on to California vehicle emissions standards. And Nikola says it isn’t an either-or between batteries and fuel cells. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Hyundai and Kia, along with LG Chem, are aiming to recruit startups that work with all areas of the electric-car battery ecosystem. Startups can apply from now until August 28.

Nikola claims that battery-electric and fuel-cell systems don’t compete; they complement each other. CEO Trevor Milton recently argued that its especially low costs of hydrogen operation makes the company a leader—although it hasn’t delivered any vehicles yet. 

On Monday, Apple revealed a major software update for the iPhone that will include electric-vehicle routing to chargers, as part of CarPlay—to be put to use in the upcoming BMW i4 electric car—plus a new Digital Key system that will soon work with a wide range of BMWs. 

To help meet its targets for greenhouse gas emissions, Nevada is considering California’s stricter Clean Car Standards as an alternative to lax federal standards and a means of getting more electric vehicles on the road in the state.


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