Green-car deals are surprisingly hard to find this month. GM ups its renewable energy investment, however a poll last week pointed out that its allegiances might be the bigger image problem right now. And does a 400-mile, all-electric Karma Revero give what started as the Fisker Karma some new relevance? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A poll released last week suggests that GM’s decision to back the Trump Administration in its opposition to California’s emissions rights could be costing it—regardless of political affiliation.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, General Motors expanded its investment in renewable energy from public utility DTE—to make its headquarters, vehicle development, and several assembly plants powered by solar and wind by 2023. 

As gas is cheap and dealerships are bracing for a downturn, we might expect to see a lot of deals for electric cars or, more likely, especially efficient hybrids that do burn gasoline. But unexpectedly, as automakers throw down deals on bigger, thirstier vehicles, green-car deals are few and far between this month.

Next year, the Karma Revero will be offered in an all-electric GTE version—with up to a 400-mile range. Will that be enough to to bring the Revero back full-circle to the Model S it was once compared against?


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