Charging connectors make sense on lampposts, as shown in a UK project. Hybrids make up a larger percentage of Fiat Chrysler sales, and yet it has the lowest average mpg. And Porsche re-ups its intent to electrify its top-selling model. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

Porsche has renewed its plans to make the Macan crossover a fully electric model in its next-generation version, due in 2022. 

A UK project with Siemens is building electric-car charging into a half-mile of lampposts. It’s the largest such project to date—and a great idea for many cities. 

Fiat Chrysler has the highest percentage of hybrids in its lineup, and yet the company has the lowest fleet mileage of any automaker. Read up on why that is. 

And if you missed it this weekend, you’ll want to take a look at how this American hybrid concept faced soaring gas prices with six wheels and some creative thinking. 


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