Volkswagen talks ownership costs for its mass-market electric cars. The Tesla Model Y starts arriving—and so does a little more information about it. And another report suggests that building new roads and lanes may be making traffic worse. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

First deliveries started for the Tesla Model Y late last week; and in the absence of an official specs panel or much additional description of the vehicle beyond its March 2019 introduction in prototype form, we looked to the owner’s manual to ponder towing capability and found several other surprises in the production Model Y.

Also as deliveries began, Tesla nudged the rated range of its Long Range dual-motor Model Y up a mile, to 316 miles.

VW claims that ownership costs for its ID.3 electric car—in Europe—will be lower than for a comparable gasoline car. Will the same be true for the U.S. and the ID.4 electric crossover that’s on the way later this year?

And a wide-reaching report found that new road construction may actually be making traffic congestion worse. In simply mapping out the rate of population growth versus traffic snarls, it appears that highway expansion without any top-level transportation plan is a vicious cycle.  


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