Tesla is working on a very smart suspension for the Cybertruck. Yamaha moves into the electric-motor business. Porsche has built the highest-power fast-charging station in Europe. Lordstown Motors is planning to put four motors inside its pickup’s wheels. And Audi shows off its three-motor version of the E-Tron. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

If the design itself of the Tesla Cybertruck weren’t already radical enough, CEO Elon Musk has said that the fully electric pickup’s active suspension system will be “game-changing.” And there’s more, like a load and range calculator, to help take the surprises out of towing with an EV. 

Yamaha has moved on from its plans a few years ago to build complete electric vehicles; it’s instead entering the business of supplying electric motors to automakers.

Lordstown Motors, the company that aims to produce a fully electric pickup in the U.S. before GM, Ford, Tesla, or Rivian, has revealed that its upcoming Endurance electric truck will have in-wheel hub motors

Porsche has built the highest-power DC fast charging station in Europe—and until the end of March it’s inviting drivers of the Taycan and any other EVs that can charge on its CCS interface—Tesla included—to charge for free. 

Over at Motor Authority, you won’t want to miss the first drive of the Audi E-Tron S electric SUV. As the first electric vehicle to pack a three-motor drive system, the S encourages some old-style rally tricks while embracing the future.