Electrify America, which started rolling out fast-charging stations just 20 months ago, is gaining on Tesla’s Supercharger network. Audi E-Tron shoppers get a chance to add solar to their home-charging mix. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

In terms of DC fast-charging locations—which is really what matters to quell range anxiety—Electrify America is gaining ground on Tesla Supercharging.

Audi is helping its E-Tron drivers get a little more solar into their power mix—and save some money—with a limited-time program on new and certified pre-owned sales of the electric SUV

And Formula E has revealed its new Gen2 Evo electric race car that will compete in the 2020/2021 race season. Although much carries over from the Gen2 car that was first introduced for the 2018/2019 season, the look is quite different, with new front and rear wings. 


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