The UK intends to go tailpipe-free by 2035. Arrival will supply electric trucks for UPS. And electric pickups are arriving soon; is America ready? This and more, today at Green Car Reports.

The shipping giant UPS has placed an order for 10,000 stylish electric delivery vans from Arrival. It also includes a minority-stake investment in the company, which just gained an investment from Hyundai and Kia last month. 

The UK is planning to ban new passenger vehicles with internal combustion engines—including hybrids and plug-in hybrids—by 2035. 

Trucks mean more to large swaths of America. We run through five of the electric trucks that could dramatically change the pickup landscape

Our partner site The Car Connection has updated its review hub for the Nissan Leaf electric car. 

And over at Motor Authority: While you probably won’t see an electric car featured on “The Price Is Right,” EVs definitely play a role behind the scenes


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