Audi sings farewell to gasoline in a Super Bowl ad. BYD reaches some goalposts in electric-truck deliveries. And we confirm that the Toyota Mirai and Prius are headed off in their own directions. This and more, right here at Green Car Reports.

No, that flashy new Toyota Mirai sport sedan does not hint about the direction of the next-generation Toyota Prius, expected to arrive sometime next year. 

Audi’s Super Bowl ad uses a song from “Frozen” to hit the right note about its electric vehicles—and about letting gasoline go

China’s BYD has been the world’s biggest electric vehicle maker and it’s one of the top EV battery makers. And yet its best foothold in the U.S. has been in electric buses

And what does Toyota’s most affordable car in the U.S.—and its city-sized compact hatchback—look like today? Over at The Car Connection, check out this full review of the 2020 Toyota Yaris.


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