Hummer is back, as an electric GMC. The Tesla Model Y is coming very soon, and the Model S and Model X got another range boost. And Rivian will co-develop an electric Lincoln. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

GM has confirmed that its rebooted electric Hummer will indeed be a GMC—and it’s teased a few data points plus a tease of the design in a series of three short ads. 

As part of its quarterly financial update, Tesla revealed that it has already started the production ramp for its Model Y crossover and will start delivering the vehicle before April. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered another range-related surprise yesterday, during the company’s financial call: That the Model S and Model X have received another range boost, but the carmaker just hasn’t gotten around to updating the EPA number. Musk said that 400 miles for the Model S is in reach. 

Lincoln confirmed that the Rivian-based electric vehicle being co-developed with the startup automaker will be the brand’s first EV. But in a release, it carefully avoided being more specific about what kind of vehicle it will be. 

Mercedes-Benz wants to reassure us that the production version of the flagship EQS electric sedan won’t be a watered-down design; it showed a camouflaged version of the EQS, due in 2021, next to last year’s Vision EQS to show that—and offered a few more specs for the production model. 


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