GM’s electric future includes the Bolt EV. There’s more to tell about the hydrogen fuel-cell Mirai in its transition to sporty sedan. And we have some reassurance on real-world range numbers. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

In a short group interview, General Motors president Mark Reuss gave us some useful hints about the GM’s electric future—covering batteries, dealerships, and the future of the Bolt EV. 

The chief engineer for the Toyota Mirai revealed some more details regarding the upcoming hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, as it makes its transition to a racy-looking, rear-wheel-drive sporty sedan. For one, it’s targeted a 400-mile range, up from the current car’s 312 miles. 

And a highway range test by a UK car-buying site has some reassuring news about real-world range, as well as a few useful takeaways about range anxiety—specifically, that most EVs offer a lot of wiggle room. 

Patents show that the Italian automaker Ferrari is working on a future modular electric-motor technology that could be used in a hybrid or fully electric vehicle. 

And over at The Car Connection, the Toyota Corolla vs. Nissan Sentra has been a longstanding rivalry, but today only one of those models is offered in hybrid form.


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