Tesla hasn’t run a single traditional TV ad so far. Yet one political ad that’s been running in Iowa might as well be a Tesla commercial.

It’s a campaign spot for Andrew Yang, and while Green Car Reports doesn’t usually dive so deeply into political commercials, this one is something different—consisting of what plays like a typical polished campaign pitch, made much more engaging with B-roll featuring Yang and a Tesla Model X.

For what it’s worth, Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared his support for Yang last August.

In the voiceover, Yang outlines that the loss of jobs to automation is one of the reasons the last Presidential election was won by Donald Trump. He mentions that his non-profit has created thousands of jobs, and how he’s the candidate who understands how to tackle the economic challenges of a transforming economy. 

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang with Tesla Model X

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang with Tesla Model X

The composition of the commercial is quite clever, in that while Yang is referring to manufacturing automation, the visuals are suggesting driving automation—partly with footage of Yang using Autopilot in the Model X, and having it do an Autopark maneuver. 

Yang can be considered an expert, among politicians, in what might happen given the onslaught of automation in things like truck driving

In the meantime, watch the video below, and do help us keep an eye out for Bernie Sanders’ Chevy Aveo

[h/t  - Taylor Marks]