The Cruise Origin jumps ahead to a completely driverless future. Canoo starts taking names for its subscription service. And Tesla is finally good to service its vehicles in Michigan. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

The California startup Canoo has opened up its waitlist, which includes a Tesla-like referral program for bringing the most enthusiastic fans toward the top of the list for its subscription-based electric car.

In San Francisco, the Cruise Origin was revealed as production-ready and it looks ahead to a service that the San Francisco company with ties to GM and Honda aims to launch within a couple of years. It’s fully electric, fully driverless, connected, and good for urban trips and airport runs. 

Tesla has finally been cleared to service its vehicles in Michigan—although all the steps of technically selling vehicles still aren’t permitted. 

And Tesla is considering an R&D center for China—one that might include the development of China-specific vehicles.


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