Ford’s upcoming plug-in hybrid version of the Escape gets a price. Volkswagen recalls its hybrid you might not have ever known about. And Daimler and BMW back out on car-sharing. This and more, today at Green Car Reports

The Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid has a price that might make it a better value over the Escape Hybrid, when you consider the incentives that apply. It might not beat the upcoming RAV4 Prime for electric-only driving range, but it will beat the Toyota to market. 

Volkswagen is recalling the Jetta Hybrid, the only hybrid model it’s recently offered in its U.S. lineup, for a transmission issue. 

At the beginning of the decade, automaker-supported car-sharing was a prevailing vision for the future. But today companies are struggling with the model, and Daimler and BMW just called it quits on car-sharing in North America.

And Hyundai is planning to show a new concept for a flying taxi at CES. It’s the first move in a new Urban Air Mobility division.


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