Lyft is renting electric cars to its drivers in Colorado. Hyundai has confidence in truck platooning. California bans GM and others who want to limit its clean-air authority. Hybrid versions of Ford’s biggest SUVs are on the way. And another Presidential candidate looks at transportation and clean energy. All this, today at Green Car Reports

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has proposed a comprehensive low-carbon transportation initiative that aims to incentivize low-carbon manufacturing and clean energy without having the burden fall on the middle class. 

Hyundai has recently been showing plenty of signs that it aims to explore the next generation of long-haul trucking; just last week it reported that it has technology that could enable fuel-saving platooning of semis while other traffic is present on the roadway. 

In Colorado, Lyft is renting out electric vehicles to ride-hailing drivers. The lot of 200 consists of Kia Niro EVs—a model that’s not yet available in Colorado but could be soon, as the state’s zero-emission regulation nears. 

California is banning fleet purchases from GM, Ford, FCA, and other automakers that have sided with the Trump administration on fuel economy rules—and against the smog-prone state’s right to regulate its own tailpipe emissions. We’re curious to see what other states, cities, or organizations follow. 

And a recent labor deal between Ford and the UAW reminded us that Ford is still planning hybrid versions of its big, full-size SUVs, the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. Recent documents confirm they’ll be built alongside the F-Series Super Duty line in Kentucky—likely with the same modular 10-speed hybrid system as in the F-150, and one of them potentially as a plug-in hybrid.


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