Tesla pushes a big software upgrade just as it’s in another sales push. “UL Listed” could become a lot more common for EV drivers. Maserati electrifies. And we look at what impeachment might bring to the electric-vehicle market. A little calm, maybe? This and more, here at Green Car Reports

We argue that impeaching and removing the President—in a very long leap, if all of that happens—might save electric cars from another big bump in the road. 

Tesla owners now have vastly expanded entertainment options, as part of the V10 software that’s rolling out to cars now, just in time for a big sales push ending the third quarter of 2019.  

A much greater number of components in the electric-vehicle chain will soon bear the UL seal, as the standards and testing organization behind the iconic symbol has opened a new test lab for EV components in China. 

Maserati has given a better idea of which hybrid and electric models to expect when. And perhaps considering reported strife in Detroit over who will assemble EV components at GM, Maserati has emphasized that its upcoming electrified models will indeed be made in its home Italy. 

In Maryland, a gas-station owner has decided to dump the gas pumps entirely and go all-in on electric-vehicle charging. The service station has been around since 1958. 

And it seems that another big digital ecosystem is entering vehicle cabins. GM is the latest to add Amazon Alexa and says that it will be offered in all of its vehicle brands in 2020. 


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