Hyundai plans a new design language to identify its EVs. Tesla plans to rent solar panels. Volkswagen is sizing up some EV-adoption barriers, and a new piece of the ID electric-car lineup is coming to this fall's Los Angeles Auto Show. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

As its works to expand the solar business it bought with Solar City, Tesla plans to rent panels for as little as $50 a month in addition to selling them. 

Volkswagen plans to introduce a concept version of a future model in its electric ID lineup at the LA auto show in November. The first production vehicle in the electric-car family, the ID 3, is scheduled to go into production later this year for Europe.

The idea of range anxiety has been replaced by charging anxiety. That's one of the issues or misconceptions Volkswagen has seen through focus-group research leading up to the launch of those upcoming EVs.

Hyundai plans to preview a new customizable design language for its upcoming EVs with a new concept scheduled to debut at the Frankfurt auto show next month.

And Mercedes-Benz adds plug-in hybrid technology to its small cars in Europe.


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