Last week, after another compelling ad for electric cars found its way onto America's screens, we finally found enough decent, ads for electric EVs to ask readers their favorites. 

The ad was from Porsche, associating electric cars, including its upcoming Taycan, with lots of clean, powerful electricity by showing a trio of plug-in Porsches racing around the face of Hoover Dam in Nevada. "Get ready, electricity!" it said.

It joined four other EV ads in our survey, including a tongue-in-cheek ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former California Governor who converted his fleet of Hummers and other gas-guzzling SUVs to electric power, as a used car salesman trying to hawk a dirty Hummer to customers who want EVs.

The other two ads in our poll came from Audi. One, called "Not for You," that showed an EV skeptic watching a neighbor in a new Audi E-tron quattro defying all his preconceived limitations. And another showing the raw capability of the E-tron climbing a ski jump.

Readers weighed in on our question, "What's your favorite EV ad so far," with a solid majority of 57 percent in favor of injecting EV ads with a dose of humor by voting for the Schwarzenegger ad. We concur; it's funny!

About half as many, 29 percent, went for the Audi, "Not for You" ad that addressed potential buyers' concerns head on.

Only 10 percent were sold on the new Porsche ad, with some sharp-eyed readers pointing out that the plug-in Porsches traversing the dam were actually plug-in Cayenne E-Hybrids, rather than the Taycan that was depicted in the ad's title, and which was clearly the Porsche that electricity had better be prepared for. The Taycan is expected to be the first electric car that will charge at 800 volts.

A mere 4 percent chose Audi's ski-slope ad.

Our poll may provide a message to automakers as well as other EV advertisers (such as Veloz, which produced the Schwarzenegger ad). They should consider, though, that our polls are unscientific. Our sample size is low, and only those who want to respond do.