Tesla's home solar business is sliding. It's a war of words in Washington over emissions and fuel economy standards. And yes, the trucks picking up the trash can go electric, too. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tensions boiled over this week after EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler sent a note to Congress, accusing California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols of misrepresenting negotiations. It leaves the whole process at a pinch point, with court-challenged regulations likely to place future fuel-economy targets in limbo.

Home solar is the natural complement to going electric with your vehicle needs. And while it seemed like the next step for Tesla when it acquired Solar City, an analysis released this week underscored that Tesla’s solar business continues to dwindle. Will the solar roof save the slide?

First came all-electric city buses, which a number of municipalities and transit authorities are placing into use around the world. Now come other kinds of trucks—like garbage trucks, as shown by Mack earlier this month. They’re going to be tested in New York City next year.

The four-motor, 1,877-horsepower Pininfarina Battista is the modern-day electromobility equivalent to the classic Ferraris or Lamborghinis we might have had as posters on the wall. With only 150 due to be made, it’s even more exotic.

And the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found—to no surprise— that there’s a cloud of confusion over automated-driving aids and assistants and all of their branded names.


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