Nissan Leaf batteries are lasting a long time. Porsche lays out its vision for going electric. And we ask you if Hummer should come back electric. All this and more on Green Car Reports

Porsche’s U.S. CEO used an Op-Ed in Monday’s USA Today to lay out a pragmatic position—that the future of performance cars is electrified but internal combustion engines will be around for a while yet.

We made this week’s poll all about Hummer—specifically, whether it should be brought back by GM as an all-electric brand. We want to know what you think with your vote in the weekly Twitter poll.

More than 400,000 Nissan Leaf electric cars sold since 2010, and as the cars soon will start to be retired in larger numbers the batteries aren’t done yet. Nissan says the Leaf’s battery packs will last an estimated 22 years, so it’s soon going to need some scaled-up second-life battery plans.

Formula E isn’t the only big-name race series to embrace electric. The World Rally Championship (WRC) racing is moving in 2021 to a hybrid system that will require electric-only operation when racing in urban areas, on the way to becoming an all-electric series.

And finally, fuel economy ratings are out for some of the 2020 Ford Explorer lineup. Although Hybrid ratings aren’t yet confirmed, the base version with a turbo-4 and rear-wheel drive achieves an EPA-rated 24 mpg combined.


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