China threatens to tax key electric-car ingredients in the expanding trade war. Republicans and Democrats are surprisingly unified about electric cars in the U.S. And British Columbia is doing its part by banning sales of conventional gas and diesel vehicles starting in 2040. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

As the Trump administration expands tariffs on Chinese (and now Mexican) goods, China is threatening to retaliate by taxing the rare earth metals needed for electric motors and electronics that EVs depend on.  

A new poll shows that Americans across the political spectrum are surprisingly unified in support of electric cars.

In a new study, scientists note that global warming could contribute to double the sea level rise that earlier studies predicted—up to six feet—which could drown cities such as Miami, New York, and Shanghai.

British Columbia passed a ban on conventional gas and diesel cars starting in 2040, and will require that 10 percent of cars sold in the province be electric by 2025.

Finally, other automakers are beginning to follow Tesla in sending software updates to their cars automatically over the air. BMW is the first, as it pushed its first over-the-air update to its Intelligent Personal Assistant software in 2019 3-Series, X5s, and 8-Series last week.


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