A new ad likens the Nissan Leaf to a wingsuit. Chinese startup automaker Nio will delay introducing a car in the U.S. beyond 2020. Chevron staged a campaign to lobby against new EV chargers in Arizona. Reports claim Tesla's made a decision about where to make Model Y. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

According to reports citing company insiders, Tesla is tooling up to add production of its upcoming Model Y crossover to its Fremont, California, factory, alongside its other models. The Model Y is due to go on sale late next year. Tesla originally said that the Model Y would likely be built at the company's battery Gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada. At the same time, Tesla could be gearing up for a major refresh of the Model S, which will include a new interior, in September. 

Nissan released a new ad for its electric Leaf that plays up the car's quiet performance by likening it to a wingsuit—but ignores improvements in range and power in the latest models. It's a striking contrast with Audi's new ad for the E-tron crossover which addresses objections to electric cars head-on.

Even as several big oil companies begin branching out into electric-car charging, Chevron's latest lobbying campaign against electric car chargers in Arizona proves that so-called "astroturf" campaigns against EVs aren't dead yet.

Chinese electric-carmaker Nio announced a new joint venture with state-owned GAC to produce an electric SUV in 2020. Meanwhile, it has delayed the introduction of its own SUVs to the U.S. The New York Stock Exchange-traded company originally promised to launch its own car here in 2020.

Building on its electric I-Pace SUV, Jaguar is expected to turn its next flagship XJ sedan into an all-electric luxury hatchback to take on the Tesla Model S.

Finally, Uber plans to treat passengers the same way it treats drivers, banning low-rated riders from using its app in the U.S., as it has already done in Australia and New Zealand.


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