California considers some extreme options as the federal government prepares to reveal new fuel economy rules. Carbon dioxide levels are climbing while growth in renewables has slowed. And BMW deals with an issue that can shut down the i3. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

CARB is bracing for the Trump administration’s revamped emissions and fuel economy rules with some extreme options on how it could keep its air clean if it’s stripped of its own greenhouse-gas rules—including toughening up on refineries and purging tailpipes completely.

BMW issued a recall for a small number of 2018 i3 electric cars—both with and without the range extender—for a potential issue with a circuit board that could completely disable its electric propulsion system.

Due to China’s cut in solar subsidies, global renewable energy growth is faltering as carbon dioxide levels climb. Growth in the U.S. helped make up the difference, though.

Thursday, the NTSB released a preliminary report on a March crash involving a Tesla Model 3 crashing into a semi and revealed that Autopilot had been engaged.

Take a look at this list of the lowest-rated new vehicles, via our partner site The Car Connection. Yes, it includes some old-style economy cars, as well as some thirsty family vehicles that are   well past their prime.

And finally, our Motor Authority colleagues were able to drive the upcoming 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid—in Police Interceptor form. Pursuit Mode didn’t tell them anything about fuel efficiency, but it’s worth a read.