British vacuum-cleaner maker Dyson patents some designs for a future electric car. Maserati boss says not all carmakers will go all-electric. EVgo commits to all-renewable energy sources. And an annual AAA survey on electric cars shows that more Americans think cars will drive themselves in 2030 than will be all-electric. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

New patent filings from electric-car hopeful and famous British vacuum maker Dyson show its first electric car could be an efficient crossover people-mover to compete with the Tesla Model X.

Maserati's North American boss says the brand won't go all electric, but will retain some gas engines to give its cars "character." 

EVgo, the largest network of fast-charge stations for electric cars, will commit to buying all renewable power for its chargers, going forward.

A new AAA survey shows that 40 percent of Americans think all cars will be electric by 2030—and 50 percent think they will be self-driving by then.

Rich Benoit, who became famous on YouTube for rebuilding a flooded, salvage Tesla and helping others with their Tesla problems, plans to expand his service by building his own shop.

Opel introduces its first extended-range electric vehicle in Europe, the Granland X Hybrid4 SUV.

Finally, BMW is teaming up with Microsoft to develop the next-generation voice assistant for cars. The two plan to develop an open-source voice recognition system that others could build on.


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