Lucid Motors gets funding to build its Air. Faraday Future releases details on the future product it plans to build for China. Tesla has updated its Navigate on Autopilot system to be a little more autonomous. And we look at why the federal tax credit may need limits. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

An update to Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot system will allow the cars to follow a route on the highway without driver intervention, even when it requires changing lanes.

Lucid Motors announced that a $1 billion investment from the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund is complete, funding that should allow the startup automaker to move forward with producing its Lucid Air Tesla competitor, as well as planned future models.

Faraday Future revealed that the $5 million investment it received from a Chinese video-game company is being used to start designing an MPV for the Chinese market.

The expiration of full tax credits on GM's plug-in models points to why the tax credit needs reform. Not only does it penalize U.S. innovators, its costs could be potentially unlimited for taxpayers.

Volkswagen has launched its fleet of urban self-driving test cars in Hamburg, Germany. The five VW e-Golf test cars will start out by following a 1.86-mile test loop, with plans to expand to a larger 5.6-mile course next year.

Finally, a new report in the Financial Times shows that New York City's congestion charge may benefit one of its biggest supporters: Uber.


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