The Cadillac brand has made great strides within the past few years.  Several of their vehicles have been awarded based on their performance, efficiency, and design.  The European automakers have something to worry about as Cadillac has presented comparable vehicles at relative bargain prices.

Cadillac is planning a replacement for both their STS and DTS models.  The replacement vehicle was displayed at the North American International Auto Show.  The vehicle, the Cadillac XTS is designed to compete with the best Euro-sedans in the world.  Journalists at the auto show were quite shocked with the unveiling of this vehicle.  Its design sets it apart from the competition.

In fact, the XTS drew so much praise that dBusiness magazine has already awarded it as the 2011 Car of the Year.  The XTS will likely be available sometime in late 2011 as a 2012 model year vehicle.

Now here's where the electric part plays in.  Cadillac states that they will utilize the GM plug-in two mode hybrid system on the XTS and the all wheel drive setup of other company offerings.  The plug-in hybrid setup could give Cadillac a distinct advantage over competitors.

Pricing and specs have not been released, but this vehicle has potential, in every aspect, to become one of the best Caddies out there.

Source: dBusiness Magazine  Print Edition March/April 2010