We look back at 10 lessons learned over eight years of Chevrolet Volt production. Owners are reported delays in delivery of the Standard Range Tesla Model 3. The EPA plans to publicize more emissions recalls. And global warming threatens to eat the global seed corn saved for just such a disaster. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Buyers who have ordered the new $35,000 base version of the Tesla Model 3 report delivery delays. The company has called many of them to try and upsell them into a more expensive Standard Range Plus Model 3. 

Our editor emeritus takes a look back at the Chevrolet Volt, which pioneered electric driving, after General Motors discontinued the car.

The EPA reveals plans to make more emissions recalls public in an effort to get more drivers to bring their cars back for the repairs.

Global warming is threatening to melt the global Svalbard seed bank in Norway, a cache of crop seed copies meant to help humans survived disasters such as pestilence, warand climate change.

A rumored deal between Daimler's electric-car brand Smart and Chinese automaker Geely has come to fruition. The two will set up a joint venture to build Smarts in China.

Finally, Uber is expanding into the Middle East with the purchase of its local rival Careem.


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