As Tesla struggles to balance prices to maintain profitability in the face of lower tax credits for its cars, the company is simplifying its Model S and Model X lineups.

After Tesla cut prices across the board to make up for a reduction in the federal tax credits  and CEO Elon Musk announced earlier this month that the company would stop taking orders for the base 75D versions of its Model S and X, the company on Wednesday posted new model lineups for both cars.

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New base versions of the Model S and Model X will have no additional designations. Above that, longer-range versions of both cars will be called the Extended Range Model S or Model X, above which will be Performance versions of both cars.

All three models now share the largest 100-kilowatt-hour battery from the previous models, indicating that base models are now limited by software, not cell capacity. Buyers will have to turn to the actual range numbers to tell them apart.

The company has also cut prices by another $1,000 across the board.

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For the Model S, the base version starts out at $85,000 and offers 310 miles of range. Buyers can opt for an extra 25 miles of range for an extra $8,000. Performance cars will be rated at 315 miles of range, but will no longer come standard with Ludicrous Mode. Buyers can order the extra 91 horsepower of Ludicrous Mode for an extra $20,000.

The Model X follows the same pricing structure for $3,000 more. With its bigger, heavier, and less aerodynamic body it gets lower range estimates of 270 miles for the base model and 295 with the Extended Range option, which costs the same as it does on the Model S. Performance versions of the Model X are rated at 289, and also require an extra $20,000 to enable Ludicrous Mode.