Thanksgiving is just two days away.

With all the news about environmental program roll-backs, the dire warnings about rising ocean temperatures and the impending effects of global warming, and the fraying of global alliances meant to address it, it is tempting to overlook progress that is happening.

That's what Thanksgiving is for. Call it a mental health day.

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In that spirit, we thought we'd ask our readers (or at least our Twitter followers) to pause for a moment this week and consider what positive developments might be worth a note of gratitude. 

Our official poll question this week is: "What green-car developments are you grateful for this holiday season?"

Those we thought of include: the long-awaited Tesla Model 3, the electric car designed to be so attractive and affordable that the world will clamor for it and other competitors.

Those competitors could also be worth a word of thanks. Several studies have shown that the biggest driver of electric-car purchases will come with more choices of models for sale. So far, other than Teslas, most electric cars are small hatchbacksa shrinking segment of the overall car market. Now more SUVs and luxury models are on the way, and even a few electric pickups.

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Another thing green-car fans and those concerned about global warming could give thanks for in 2019 is the economic resilience of cleaner power. Even as the EPA and the Energy Department have worked to roll-back Obama-era climate-control measures, U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions have fallen, and wind and solar power generation is up. Prices are now cheaper than coal in many cases.

Of course, the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday is for Americans to come up with their own lists of thanks, not just follow others'. Some are especially thankful and may choose all of the above. Others may be more creative and have individual items to praise in our comments section.

In any case, let us know what you're grateful for in this week of giving thanks. And remember that our Twitter polls are not scientific, because of low sample size and because our respondents are self-selected. This one, in particular, doesn't aim to be.