GM is next, after Tesla, in hitting the 200,000 ceiling for the EV tax credit. The EPA dismisses some more groups of scientists. And electric-vehicle hopeful Dyson is soon starting a factory, as Faraday Future's struggles continue. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Less than six days after rolling its new Model 3 Mid Range out for order, it's already raised the price $1,000, to $46,000, or $47,200 after the destination fee.

General Motors has confirmed to GCR that it will reach the tax-credit ceiling this quarter. That means, come April, Bolt EV and Volt buyers will no longer be eligible for the full $7,500 EV tax credit.

The U.S. EPA has disbanded two advisory panels that had counseled the federal agency on the effects of air pollution from vehicles and power plants. 

Dyson has chosen Singapore as the place for building its upcoming electric vehicle—which it still says is on-track for a 2021 debut.

Uber is levying a surcharge on its riders in London, where vehicles with internal-combustion engines have been increasingly restricted. And it's banking that money toward incentives for its drivers to get an electric car.

That's not the only news today coming from London; its iconic taxis themselves could start going self-driving by 2021.

And Faraday Future can't seem to get ahead of its money troubles. More layoffs and wage cuts were reported this week, with the previously reported $2 billion investment from Evergrande Health possibly in jeopardy.  


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