Some drivers say Tesla's latest software update disabled Autopilot. Cities and elected officials throw their support behind electric buses and trucks. We round up the best deals on electric cars, plug-ins, hybrids, and fuel-efficient cars. And Tesla enables Supercharging and unlocks full range for owners fleeing Hurricane Florence. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tesla has unlocked Supercharging and full range for all owners fleeing Hurricane Florence. The storm continues to batter North Carolina and the Eastern Seaboard.

Cities want to fast-track electric buses into their fleets. Elected officials and manufacturers agreed to speed up integration at Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.

September offers plenty of deals on electric cars, plug-ins, hybrids, and fuel-efficient cars. We round up the best of the best.

The latest widespread update for Tesla owners has many crying foul. Some owners say Autopilot no longer works, and one complained his Tesla warns him that automatic emergency braking, regenerative braking, and traction control aren't working either.

BMW developed a self-riding motorcycle to test future safety features for its bikes.

Finally, VW is pushing for self-driving-car industry standards. A  single standard would help share costs and risks between all companies.


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