A judge dismisses a lawsuit against Tesla over Model 3 production delays. Researchers from Penn State develop faster-charging lithium-ion batteries. We ask if classic cars should be converted to electric power in a new Twitter poll. And Aston Martin says it could be first with 800-volt charging capability. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

A federal court in San Francisco dismissed a lawsuit from shareholders against Tesla over Model 3 electric-car production delays. The lawsuit claimed the forecasts were deceptive and led investors to make decisions on unrealistic information. 

Penn State researchers have developed lithium-ion batteries that charge quicker and retain their capacity. It could be the "Goldilocks" battery electric cars need.

We ask if vintage cars should be converted to run electric powertrains in a new Twitter poll. The question arises as Jaguar announces it will build and offer conversions for an all-electric version of its classic Jaguar E-Type.

Aston Martin, not Porsche, could be first to market with 800-volt charging capability, CEO Andy Palmer says. He tweeted a photo showing the company's new system that will be built into an electrified version of the Rapid-E sedan.

Jaguar-Land Rover has begun testing self-driving cars with "virtual eyes," and they can replicate human behavior and reactions.

Finally, the 2019 Nissan Versa remains America's most affordable new car with a $13,255 starting price.


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