The newly revealed 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class boasts a slippery shape. Early Tesla Model 3 Performance reviews are in. And states band together to ask a court to reconsider the EPA's proposal to roll back regulations for "glider" trucks. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

The new A-Class, according to Mercedes, features the lowest aerodynamic drag of any production car in history. The luxury sedan claims a 0.22 drag coefficient, which ties the BMW 5-Series, but it's smaller, so doesn't have to push as much wind.

The first reviews of the Tesla Model 3 Performance have hit the Internet and it's positive news for the electric-car maker. Although the car feels like any other Model 3, its acceleration left a lasting impression.

Sixteen states have joined environmental groups in asking a U.S. appeals court to consider the EPA's rollback of a regulation for older "glider" trucks

Alphabet Inc.'s self-driving car subsidiary Waymo shows how its technology can improve services.

Ford announced it will establish Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC to handle all of its self-driving car businesses.

Finally, Toyota plans to have Level 4 self-driving cars at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Most automakers currently only offer Level 2 automation.


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