Tesla has developed a new track mode for Performance versions of its Model 3 electric car. The electric-car maker has also asked some suppliers for money back on Model 3 parts. ExxonMobil exits the ALEC lobby group. And the results are in from our latest Twitter poll on electric-car racing. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tesla may soon roll out a "track mode" for the Model 3 Performance, which gives drivers more control of the car on-track.

Tesla has asked suppliers for money back on Model 3 parts from some contracts that date back to 2016.

ExxonMobil has dropped out of the conservative ALEC political conference after the organization lobbied to rollback some climate-change regulations.

We asked what kind of electric-car racing interests readers and the results are in from last week's Twitter poll.

Chinese luxury electric-car brand Gyon plans to launch August 8 in Los Angeles.

Finally, BMW has come under fire from the IIHS over the X2 crossover's headrests.


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