Speeders beware! If you're traveling in Luxembourg, those blue lights in your mirror could be on top of an electric Tesla Model S.

The Luxembourg police bought the two Teslas last September, but has had trouble getting them approved by the Grand Duchy's transportation department due in part to problems with the blue police lights.

Now the Model Ses are going on patrol, according to a Reuters report.

DONT MISS: Tesla pursuing police cruiser market with Model S: report (2016)

“Police cannot use a [Citroen] 2CV on the motorway, they need a car that can move fast,” said Francois Bausch, Luxembourg's Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, in an interview with state broadcaster RTL.

Bausch and police officials are hoping that the Teslas' rapid acceleration will help the police nab speeders and other criminals while simultaneously reducing the country's carbon emissions.

While Luxembourg's cars aren't the first Tesla police cruisers—departments in Los Angeles, Denver, Switzerland, and the Canadian province of Ontario all have Model S cruisers—Luxembourg may be uniquely suited to using Teslas as police cars.

LAPD Tesla Model S

LAPD Tesla Model S

"Our patrols are 200 kilometers [125 miles] per outing. We can easily see that the battery life as it is does not pose any problems,”  Laurent Lentz, deputy commander of Luxembourg’s highway police, told Reuters.

Luxembourg measures only 60 miles from north to south, its longest dimension.

Tesla has been promoting fleet sales of the Model S and Model X since last year, in an effort to keep sales of the older, more expensive cars alive as it introduces the less-expensive Model 3. A CNBC report from 2016 speculates that Tesla has been actively pursuing the market for police cruisers with the Model S.

With its quick, stealthy acceleration, flat floor and dual trunks for police gear, the Model S could be well suited to police duty. Getting many workaday municipal fleet managers to pony up for them outside a European banking-haven monarchy, however, may be more difficult.