Pretend for a moment that you're one of the fortunate folks who purchased a new Tesla Roadster while it was still in production. You're satisfied with the car, but now all anyone wants to talk about is the swanky new Tesla Model S. What's an early adopter to do?

You could, or course, trade in that Roadster for another vehicle from a different manufacturer. Some dealers might balk at the idea, since the all-electric Tesla is a very different car than the kind in which most of them traffic. And of course, those dealers wouldn't be able to sell you the Model S, because only Tesla can do that. (For now.)

Thankfully, there's now another option for EV enthusiasts: Tesla has launched a buyback program, allowing Roadster owners to trade in their pricey two-seaters for the more practical Model S.

Tesla intends to re-sell the Roadsters for prices ranging between about $70,000 and $90,000, depending on vehicle condition. What Tesla hasn't said is how much it's willing to give Roadster owners for their trade-ins.

Roadsters initially cost north of $100,000 but the 60 kwh version of the Model S starts much lower, at $62,400. So, it's conceivable that Roadster owners could drive off with a brand-new ride and some dough for the difference.

That said, we have a hunch that most Roadster types would opt for the Model S Performance, which has a significantly higher $87,400 starting price -- meaning that Tesla might not have to write many refund checks. 


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