Spy photographers caught the Honda Pilot plug-in hybrid testing. An NTSB report shows a Tesla battery reignited twice following a fatal Florida crash. Italy plans to deploy 1 million electric cars on its roads. And EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt recruited oil industry lobbyists. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

A new spy photo outed Honda's plans for a Pilot plug-in hybrid. The prototype features a door flap on the front left fender, where charge ports often reside.

The NTSB report following a fatal Florida crash involving a Tesla Model S shows the battery reignited twice after firefighters originally extinguished it. The final ignition occurred at a storage yard after crews transported the wrecked Tesla.

Italy plans for 1 million electric cars on its roads by 2022. Fewer than 5,000 electric cars are registered there today.

Emails show EPA Administrator Pruitt actively recruited oil industry executives to work at the Agency. Pruitt attended a meeting of the American Petroleum Institute in mid-March last year and urged oil lobbyists to apply for EPA positions.

Former Audi and Porsche executive Wolfgang Hatz has been released from jail after nine months. Hatz posted $3.5 million bail after his arrest last September due to his alleged involvement in VW's diesel scandal.

Finally, Volkswagen has teamed up with suppliers in an effort to standardize self-driving car technology.


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