We get a lot of comments on Green Car Reports arguing (mostly in a friendly way) about what makes a green car. Or, put another way, what makes a car green.

Some readers clearly think the only way to be green is to drive a pure electric car, the bigger the battery the better.

Others think as long as they have a car they can live with that plugs in and lets them drive the vast majority of their miles on electricity that's a better solution for them than rearranging their lives around range and charge times.

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Still others are interested in improving air quality and reducing petroleum consumption but may have long commutes or just don't think they can afford an electric car.

A few may be holding out for fuel cells, or still may cling to their torquey, high-mileage, diesels in an effort to reduce CO2 consumption.

To give some structure to the endless debate in comments, we thought we'd ask our Twitter followers directly in a poll: "What does a green car mean to you?"

If we had to guess, we'd expect most of our readers to weigh in in favor of the electric car, but we'd expect some responses in all the categories, too.

In any case, few of our readers would probably consider the car in the top picture "green."

We'd like to hear from you, though, so click on over to the Twitter poll, and take our survey.

As always, remember that our polls are unscientific, because respondents are self selected, and our sample size is usually low. Our readers' opinions don't represent those of the broader public. We appreciate them anyway.