Tesla fans are agog over a teaser video released Thursday in which a cloaked car appears around the 15-second mark.

Many are speculating that it could be a Model Y, with its high-ish roof and what look like four doors. And it could be.

Then again, it "could be" almost anything, including a leftover Model 3 prototype with boxes on the roof and a sheet draped over the top.

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Whether it's a Model Y or not, Tesla CEO Elon Musk's latest prognosis is that the car won't arrive until 2020—and we know how Tesla's timelines go.

He acknowledges that the Model Y will need a whole new factory, because the existing plant in Fremont is "jammed to the gills" and "crazy packed," presumably among other things with Musk's sleeping bag.

As a marketing savant, Musk has nurtured a following of acolytes who examine his every video pixel and tweet for evidence of what's next.

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In this case, he's told us the Model Y is coming. We don't really know any more about that now than we did before the video's release. 

The Model Y is supposed to be a crossover SUV based on the Model 3. Tesla also has new versions of the Model 3 coming, including one with all-wheel drive. It's possible the car under the cloak is one of these. The company has also promised a new Roadster, though it doesn't look like that's what this is.

About the only thing we can tell about it is that it has four doors—and even that's assuming it has two doors on the right to match those on the left—like my myopic Great Great Aunt Mabel's '56 Mercury, which, when asked, she said she thought, "has two doors...on my side!"