California filed suit against the EPA over its proposal to roll back emissions and fuel economy standards. Tis the season—or at least the latest of them—for new hybrids hitting the roads. We get a first look at the new Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid and do a full first-drive of the new Avalon Hybrid. FedEx and UPS each get new electric delivery trucks to clean up your Amazon orders, and our Twitter followers overwhelmingly thing fuel economy standards should go even higher than existing ones.All this and more on Green Car Reports.

A lawsuit has long been expected over EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's efforts to roll-back emissions standards—which will also lower fuel economy requirements. Now California and 16 states—plus the District of Columbia—have filed suit in federal court against the EPA.

We asked our Twitter followers to tell us where they think fuel-economy standards should be set, and they couldn't disagree with Pruitt more. Most think the standards should be set even higher, not rolled back.

The new Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid gets 27 miles of electric range and manages to be both stealthy and sporty, as we found in our first drive.

We also had a chance to take a first drive in the ultimate Uber-mobile, the new Toyota Avalon Hybrid, which is also both more efficient and a little more powerful. It's no sports sedan—and that's mainly a good thing.

The efficiencies of electric vehicles mean even more to companies that do a lot of driving than they do to consumers—and few companies do more driving than delivery giants FedEx and UPS. Both companies announced new electric delivery trucks that will cut their costs and emissions as they go about your Amazon deliveries. UPS is getting a fleet of new-from-the-ground-up electric vans, while FedEx is trying out a fuel-cell truck in the Northeast.

The Trump Administration made more car news when it announced that it would postpone adding steel tariffs against in Canada, Mexico, and European countries, where many cars sold in the U.S. come from. Instead President Trump announced he would extend negotiations aimed at restricting imports.

Finally, the wacky but cool Carver tilt car comes back to life in Holland as an electric.