Toyota announced a third electric car for China at the Beijing auto show last week.

In addition to the plug-in Corolla and Levin sedans, the company will electrify its C-HR hatchback for the Chinese market according to a report in British car magazine AutoCar.

China requires automakers to sell a certain percentage of their cars as electrics, which is putting pressure on the automakers to build an increasing number of electric models for the fastest-growing auto market in the world.

2018 Toyota C-HR

2018 Toyota C-HR

Plug-in models represented 40 percent of Toyota's sales in China last year, and buyers are always looking for a wider range of models to buy.

The company did not reveal any details about the C-HR electric car, so we don't know its battery range or power.

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We do know that Toyota is increasing its battery supply to accommodate 140,000 plug-in car sales in China by 2020. It also has plans to commercialize the first solid-state battery in the "early 2020s. That may come too late for the C-HR, however.

The C-HR electric will go head to head with Honda's Everus electric, based on the HR-V which was also revealed at the Bejing auto show and is scheduled to go on sale by the end of this year.