Porsche builds its own super fast electric-car charging network. road trip gas mileage review: Can the Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE live up to its 44 mpg highway fuel economy rating? And students vote for and fund the first battery-powered all electric bus fleet at the University of California Irvine. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Porsche gets a head start building a network of super fact chargers for its Mission E electric cars. The chargers will deliver 350 kw, enough to refill most of the Mission E's battery in 20 minutes.

We take a long road trip in the Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid to see if it lives up to its highway gas mileage claim. At 80 mph, not so much, though it got close. But did we like the car?

Finally, some California university students decide they want battery powered vehicles so much they're willing to pay for them. Now they can go anywhere they want—with 40 of their closest friends.