Henrik Fisker, the man behind the relaunch of the company that bears his name, has released some new details on the upcoming EMotion sedan.

However, the news isn't necessarily the best that electric-car fans and advocates could have hoped for.

The graphene battery technology Fisker has frequently touted over the past year will not be included when the EMotion launches.

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Still, Fisker is confident enough in its nickel-manganese-cobalt-type lithium-ion batteries that it says a 400-mile range will be on tap for the all-electric luxury sedan.

Fisker took to Facebook to announce that the EMotion will launch with standard lithium-ion cells, saying the company will continue its research into solid-state graphene battery cells.

That technology promises greater range and shorter charging times, though automotive-grade units have yet to be perfected.

Teaser for Fisker EMotion debuting on August 17, 2017

Teaser for Fisker EMotion debuting on August 17, 2017

If and when Fisker does fit a vehicle with the battery, it may be the first automaker to do so.

There's also no updated word on what Fisker calls its Ultracharger technology.

The charging system—likely its answer to Tesla's Supercharger—is said to be capable of adding 100 miles of range in only 9 minutes.

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It's unclear if the Ultracharger technology has been developed solely with graphene batteries in mind, or if the same claims will be realized with a lithium-ion unit.

The EMotion still promises plenty of unique features when it does reach consumers, however.

The electric vehicle will house all necessary autonomous technology, including Lidar and cameras, to give it self-driving capabilities in the future.

Teaser for Fisker EMotion debuting on August 17, 2017

Teaser for Fisker EMotion debuting on August 17, 2017

It also features electrochromic glass on the roof and the rear side windows, which can be tinted at the push of a button.

Fisker will begin taking pre-orders for the EMotion on June 30 and says it plans to have the vehicle on sale in 2019.

By then, it's anyone's guess if the graphene batteries will be further along—though it now sounds pretty certain they won't be available at launch.

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If the advanced battery technology does become available for the Fisker EMotion, it will more than likely affect the sedan's starting price of $129,900.

That price is comparable to range-topping Teslas, though it has nowhere to go but up once buyers start adding additional options.

Following the EMotion, Fisker hopes to produce additional vehicles, including a more affordable electric car.


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