Today, we've got Volkswagen stories with and without diesels, some innovative Ioniq Electric marketing in California, and an electric vehicle that truly stinks. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

It's rare for carmakers to remove features from new models, but that's exactly what Tesla did last month for the Model S and Model X. We look at why.

The new 2017 Volkswagen Atlas SUV was supposed to have a high-mileage TDI model. Turns out that one will still be built in Tennessee. We just won't see it sold here.

How do you market a new 124-mile electric car, under a new model name, that's already down a notch on electric range? Hyundai has some ideas for its Ioniq Electric.

Here's an electric vehicle that really, truly stinks: BYD has launched a prototype for an all-electric garbage truck. No more diesel roar at 5 am, perhaps?

Remember the Volkswagen Phaeton luxury sedan, withdrawn from the U.S. a decade ago? Its "Transparent Factory" is being repurposed to build electric cars.

Audi, meanwhile, says it's not giving up on diesels for the U.S. just yet—but it only plans to offer one for now.

Finally, if you're one of our few readers interested in electric supercars (not named Tesla), NextEV unveiled its Nio EP9 and we've got the video.


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