Faraday Future will unveil its first production electric car at CES in January, and last week it released a short teaser video previewing that vehicle.

The short video features a camouflaged test vehicle driving around a track, but offers little information about Faraday Future's first model.

Text that accompanies the video notes the quietness of the car's powertrain—a quality of electric powertrains that is already fairly well known.

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Previous teaser images and spy shots indicates that the Faraday Future electric car will be a crossover utility vehicle.

The test vehicle in the video appears to have a rear hatch, also indicating a crossover.

The production model Faraday will unveil at CES will ride on the company's Variable Product Architecture (VPA) platform.

This was first shown on the FFZero1 electric supercar concept unveiled by Faraday this past January at the 2016 edition of CES.

The FFZero1 was built purely to showcase the VPA platform, and likely won't influence Faraday's first production car in many other ways.

Faraday Future will use lithium-ion battery cells from LG Chem, the South Korean firm that already counts 25 separate automotive brands among its clients.

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At CES 2016, Faraday said it planned to put its first electric car into production within two years.

It broke ground on a new factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada, in April, although significant work still needs to be done on the site.

Faraday is also reportedly behind on some payments related to construction of the factory.

Teaser for Faraday Future electric car debuting at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

Teaser for Faraday Future electric car debuting at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

When fully built out, the company has said, the stated cost of the factory will be $1 billion.

In an October 10 letter to the carmaker, lead contractor AECOM noted that Faraday missed a $21 million deposit due in September.

That money was to go into an escrow account to cover material costs and subcontractor work.

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The letter also cited upcoming payments of of $25.3 million due in October, and $11.8 million due in November.

AECOM warned that it may suspend work at the site if the issue is not resolved.

Faraday has said it believes a work stoppage will not occur.


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