Most drivers likely associate New York City with grueling traffic, scarce parking, and other aggravating situations.

But could the Big Apple soon become known for... electric race cars?

The Formula E electric-car race series is coming to New York City next summer, organizers announced earlier this week.

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The New York City race—or "ePrix" as Formula E calls its events—will be held in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Like all Formula E races, it will use a temporary street circuit.

In this case, the track will measure 1.21 miles with 13 turns.

Formula E New York City ePrix circuit

Formula E New York City ePrix circuit

It will be located on the Brooklyn waterfront, affording views of the Manhattan skyline for added caché.

Using temporary street circuits allows Formula E to hold races in urban centers for maximum exposure, something that isn't possible with purpose-built racetracks, which tend to be located in rural areas.

The New York City ePrix will actually consist of a pair of races, with tentative dates set for July 29 and 30, 2017.

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These two races will serve as the finale of the upcoming Formula E season, which kicks off in October with a race in Hong Kong.

New York is currently the only U.S. city on the 2016-17 Formula E calendar, although the series has previously held races in Miami and Long Beach, California.

The announcement of the New York race drew a particularly excited response from the newly-formed Jaguar Panasonic Racing team.

2016/2017 Jaguar I-Type 1 Formula E race car

2016/2017 Jaguar I-Type 1 Formula E race car

Because Jaguar North America's headquarters is located relatively close to New York City in Mahwah, New Jersey, the team considers the New York City ePrix its home race.

Jaguar announced its intention to join Formula E in December 2015, and unveiled its I-Type 1 race car earlier this month.

Partner Panasonic, meanwhile, is currently the sole battery supplier to Tesla Motors.

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Jaguar's entry is part of a wave of increasing manufacturer involvement in Formula E, which is entering its third season.

Chinese-backed startup Faraday Future will also back a team in this season, while Audi plans to throw more resources at the series.

This is likely due to anticipated changes in the rules that will give teams more freedom in the design and setup of cars, eroding the current mandate that all teams must use identical chassis.


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